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Callia's Mission

Callia was created to include low-income women in ethical fashion industry. From our rural organic bead suppliers to our young urban artisans, we are all about helping women earn a living from fashion, so they can support their families. Callia's jewelry line offers imaginative, multi-functional designs that blend textures and handmade details from traditional West African handcrafts. Callia works with 150 women artisans and material suppliers.

Callia - The story

Our Partners

What We do

+ - Job Creation

Callia partners with Muse Group, an American non-profit (501c3), to create economic opportunities for low-income women in Côte d’Ivoire, West Africa. Through this partnership, Callia empowers village women’s groups to supply organic materials, which are transformed into jewelry by urban women that Callia trains on production and design.

+ - Local Sourcing

Local materials include organic and recycled elements made or collected by-hand by women. Women generate income by producing and supplying these materials to Callia. By sourcing directly from women, Callia cuts out the middle men, getting more money back to the women themselves. These materials not only provide depth and texture to our collections, but reflect the ingenuity and tenacity of the African woman herself.

+ - Retail & Wholesale

Callia partners with over 30 retailers in 7 countries. From on-trend fashion boutiques to fair trade concept stores and galleries, Callia already works with a number of prestigious clients. Our wholesale business offers landed or FOB pricing, and can develop custom designs upon request. For wholesale pricing and terms, contact callia@musegroup.org.

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